How do I create a Clip?

You can currently only create issuu Clips in the mobile apps.

As a reader

In order to create a Clip, you first need to open the publication. You will then see an orange button at the bottom right corner with three dots "...", that allows you to choose to "Create Clip".

Note that you will have to be logged in to create a Clip. 


You can adjust the size by dragging the edges and corners inwards or outwards. To place the clip wherever you want, simply drag the crop box to that location.

Once you are happy about the size and location click on the “Clip it” button.


Please note that you can’t delete a clip, so once you have created a clip, you won’t be able to change the size or placement of the Clip.

Once you have created your Clip you can share the link to the Clip or the Clip itself on social media, email etc.


As a publisher

Creating a Clip as a publisher is as easy as creating hyperlinks in the Link Editor. 

To create Clips in your publication, please see this help article: How do I add a hyperlink (now Clip) to my publication?


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